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Use the Alice Program from the link beneath to complete and save the five projects. (should be Alice 2.2 or newer)

problem 1: Binary Code Game

Build a world with three switches (or Controls) and a light bulb (Lights). Set the emissive color property of the lightbulb to black (turned-off). In this game, the positions of levers on the switches symbolize a binary code. Whenever a lever is up, it represents 1 (that is, electric current in the switch is high) and whenever down, 0 (electric current in the switch is low). In above world, all three levers are up, thus the binary code is 111. The correct binary code is selected at the starting of the game. (You can enter a given code and then have a friend try to guess it, or you can use the world-level random number function). The idea is to have the user try to guess the accurate binary code that will light up the lightbulb (its emissive color will be yellow). To guess the binary code, the user will click on the levers to alter their position. Each time the user clicks on a lever, it moves in the opposite direction—up (if currently down) or down (if currently up). When all three switches are in the accurate position for the binary code, the bulb will turn on.

Each switch must respond to a mouse-click on the switch. If the handle is down, flip it up. When the handle is up, flip it down. To track the present position of a handle, an invisible circle can be placed on the switch and employed as a point of reference. When the handle is above the circle, turn it down. Whenever the handle is below the circle, turn it up.

Your program should comprise a Boolean function which finds out whether the Boolean code is accurate

problem 2: Drinking Parrot

A small toy popular with children is a drinking parrot. The parrot is placed in front of a container of water and its body given a push. Since of the counterbalance of weights on either end of its body, the parrot repeatedly lowers its head into the water. Make a simulation of the drinking parrot (Objects). Use an infinite Loop statement to make the parrot drink.

problem 3: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A popular child’s riddle is, ‘Why did the chicken cross the road’? Of course, there are lots of answers. In this project, the chicken (that is, Animals) has a real sweet-tooth and crosses the road to eat the gumdrops (Kitchen or Food) all along the way.

prepare down a game animation where the player guides the chicken across the road to get to the gumdrops. Cars and other vehicles must move in both directions as the chicken tries to cross to where the gumdrops are positioned. Employ arrow keys to make the chicken jump left, right, forward and back. Use the space bar to encompass the chicken peck at the gumdrop. Whenever the chicken is closing adequate to the gumdrop and pecks, the gumdrop must disappear.

A recursive method is employed to control the play of the game. If the chicken gets hit by a vehicle, the game is over (squish!). The game carries as long as the chicken has not managed to peck all the gumdrops and has not yet been squished through a vehicle. If the chicken manages to cross the road and peck at all the gumdrops all along the way, the player wins the game. Signal the player’s success by making 3D text ‘You Win’ appear or by playing certain triumphant

problem 4: Game: Got Me!

In this project, you will make a game in which the main goal is to click on objects that are moving across the screen. When the player clicks on an object, that object states, “Got me!” The objects must alternately move from left to right and right to left on the screen.

To make the world, add 12 different objects to the world and encompass them all facing in the similar direction. Be sure to select 12 objects which have a center point at their base (where they touch the ground). Then add two axes (Shapes) objects to the scene. Place one axis on the far left and second axis on the far right of the scene. The ‘Forward’ axis of each and every axes object must be directly facing the other. The axes will act as a beginning point for the objects on each side.

To organize the twelve objects for playing the game, make four world-level lists. The first list, named all Objects, must comprise all 12 objects that will move across the screen. The second list, named objectsOnTheLeftSide must contain 6 of the 12 objects. The third list, named objectsOnTheRightSide, must contain the other 6 of the 12 objects (those not on the left side are on the right side). The fourth list, named objects-ThatWereClicked, is initially empty.

To make the objects for moving across the screen one at a time makes a world level technique named setUpGame. This technique must set the point of view of each object in the objectsOnTheLeftSide list to that of axes object on the left of scene.

And, the technique must do the same for objectsOnTheRightSide, by using the axes object on the right of the scene.

To make the code for playing the game, make three methods:
1) playGame loops via the size of the objectsOnTheLeftSide list and employs the index of the loop to move each of the objects forward (across the screen), one at a time. This loop must work to alternately move an object from the left side and then from the right side, till all objects encompass moved across the screen once. Use a random value for the duration as each object moves across the screen.

2) addObjectToList checks whether an object which the user has clicked is one of the 12 valid objects. When the object is a valid object, then it is added to the objects-ThatWereClickedOn list and the object states “Got me!” To make this technique work, create a mouse-click event which listens for a mouse click and calls this method, sending in the object that was clicked.

3) showWhoWasClickedOn, which (after all objects have moved once across the screen) gives an end-of-game report by moving all the objects that were clicked to the center of the screen. Each of them must move forward and state “Got Me!”

problem 5: Game: Freestlylin’s Frostee

This project is an extension of Project 1, from Chapter 6 “Help the Snowman Get Home.” If you didn’t complete Chapter 6. Project 1, please refer to that project’s instructions on creating the original world scene. For this project, alter the original scene by eliminating the igloo and adding at least 20 more pine trees (Nature). As well add 12 ramp objects (Skate Park) positioned here and there among the trees. The object of this game is to challenge the player to use keyboard control keys to steer Frostee over as many ramps as possible prior to the clock runs out, while avoiding collisions with the trees. The player earns points by going over the ramps and landing on other side. The player loses points each time Frostee collides with a tree. Whenever the world starts, display game instructions by using a billboard. Create a button (situated in front of the billboard) to permit the user to click on the button to start the game. The rules of the game are:

a) Employ the arrow keys to steer the snowman via the woods and over the ramps.
b) Each ramp jump earns 1 point; 6 or more points win game.
c) Collision with a tree takes away 1 point.
d) Passing via a lightning bolt boosts Frostee’s speed.
E) Whenever time runs out, the game is over.

Make while key is pressed (BDE) events for each of the arrow keys to move the snowboard (with the snowman all along for the ride). Create methods to have the snowman’s body tilt at the starting and return to upright at the end of each and every snowboard right or left move actions.

Use 3D text objects to display the player’s score and the number of seconds remaining in the game. If the player scores 6 or more points before time runs out, display 3D text to state the player won the game. Or else, display 3D text to state the player lost and to please try again. The camera must follow the snowman as he winds down the slopes, and the player must be able to see the score and the timer while the game is being played. Make world-level lists to organize the pine trees, one list for each 12 trees. You can then check whether the snowman has collided with a tree by employing for all together to find out whether the snowman is in 2 meters of any tree in each list. If so, then the snowman must blush and say OUCH!!. Be sure to return the snowman’s color to normal and decrease the score by 1 points.

Likewise, create a list of the ramps. Then, create an event which continuously calls a method to check the ramps while the world is running. The checkRamps method can use a for all altogether loop to check whether the snowboard is near adequate to a ramp to ski over it. If so, call a method named jumpRamp that has the snowboard (with Frosteeon board) ski up, over and then drop down to the other side of the ramp. Also, add 1 point to the score.

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