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Assignment Background Information

This project will give support for High-Definition IP cameras for DeVry’s campus network.

In Phase 1, you designed network switching infrastructure which supported both the existing data traffic, and additional camera traffic, according to requirements.  In Phase 2, you will make standards and give a configuration template for implementation teams to use in future deployments.


As the network engineer, you have been asked to standardize network configurations across the Devry University campus.

Your manager has scheduled a meeting to discuss with you specific configuration requirements based on camera density and traffic patterns, standards which you are proposing, and your configuration template which addresses the subsequent design requirements.

Design Requirements:

Your configuration template must address each of the subsequent, keeping in mind that both the existing data traffic and the camera traffic should be supported:

i) Four camera VLANs;

ii) Local VLAN database;

iii) Standard trucking protocol with non-default native VLAN;

iv) Nonstandard management VLAN;

v) Standard hostnames;

vi) Local authentication database with privilege level 15 for all senior network engineers and privilege level 1 for junior engineers;

vii) SSH transport for VTY ports; and

viii) Password-protect on all out-of-band management ports;

You are needed to make a detailed network report for your manager at the next scheduled meeting.

Your report must consist of:

  • Standardized network configurations to be used across the campus network
  • Any concerns based on the current network design.

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