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Introduction of internet programming:

Introduction to the Internet Programming is a three credit unit of the course. It deals with the concepts, architecture, services and features, of the internet and the comprehensive. Introduction to the current programming models and tool or generating rich the Web Applications. Internet makes the information instantly and the conveniently available worldwide.

Definition of Internet programming:

Internet programming includes the broad variety of the technologies spanning such a diverse areas such as protocols for the communication networks, interfacing to the databases, programming of the graphical user interfaces, and structuring information.

An Internet application is the client-server application that uses standard Internet protocols for the connecting client to the server. We can use exactly the similar techniques to create true Internet application which is available publicly via the World-Wide Web or to create the intranet application. Intranet application is single which runs on our corporate intranet and is only available to staff in corporation. Internet applications are thin-client and thick-server All the processing is done at server and where corporate data.

Evolution of programming:

* In years 50 creation of the high-level languages.

* In years 60 expansion of the specialized languages.

* In years 70 Duel between the structured programming with the Pascal and efficiency of C language. The Basic generalized on personal computers from the 1977 until the late 80s.

* In years 80 Experimentation other ways including the objects. ML. Smalltalk. On computers we now use the C, Pascal and Basic compiled.

* In years 90 Generalization of the object-oriented programming with performance of microcomputers. Java, Perl and Python languages ??in the addition to microphones.

* In 2000s Internet Programming.

Uses of internet programming:

The Internet programming allows greater flexibility in working hours and location, especially with the spread of unmetered high-speed connections. The Internet programming can be accessed almost anywhere by numerous means, including through mobile Internet devices. Within the limitations imposed by small screens and other limited facilities of such pocket-sized devices, the services of the Internet programming, including email and the web, may be available.

Advantages of network programming:

1. Its very productive to program

2. Its fun to program if you're into it

3. Programming usually gets you good money, especially if you build a good money making application or website

4. It's easy to code/program once you know the syntax of the programming language

5. Programming code are the instructions to tell the computer what to do

Disadvantages of network programming:

1. Bugs can get annoying and hard to solve sometimes

2. If you're not good at math then it won't be easy to program

3. Lots of thinking involved

4. If you don't have a good memory, then it will be hard to memorize the syntax of the programming

5. If you type slowly, then you will take much longer to program something.

Programming language in internet programming:

Internet programming supports the various types of languages. They are

Java: Oracle Java is one of the web longest persistent, standing, and influential programming language. Developed by the Sun Microsystems, Java is the very powerful, object-oriented language. A lot of platform dependency issues have been ironed out with advent of Java.

C, C++: C and C++: They are both some of most foundational languages in the computer science and programming.

Java script: JavaScript is not to be confused with Java, it is a scripting language that was developed in 90s.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language):  HTML is the lingua franca of Internet. It is  language used to develop the web pages.

VBScript: VBScript is the client-based language that are runs only on Internet Explorer and quite naturally has been developed by the Microsoft

ASP Active Server Pages: Active Server Pages is the technology of promoted by the Microsoft. The ASP utilizes the some special tags, which can be embedded in HTML code, to generate the dynamic web pages.

PHP:  Php scripts can be made to run on the any operating system with little and no modification.

XML Extensible Markup Language: Extensible Markup Language is the web page developing language that enables the programmers to create the customized tags.

Summary: Internet applications are thin-client and thick-server. This means that the client end part the end-user sees and interacts with is only responsible for user-interface. Client runs on the Web browser standard tool for the accessing Internet.

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