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Microprocessor or simply processor is the heart of the computer and it executes all the computational tasks, computations and data processing and so on, within the computer. Microprocessor is the brain of the system. In computers, the most popular kind of the processor is the Intel Pentium chip and the Pentium IV is the newest chip by Intel Corporation. The microprocessors can be categorized based on many different features.

The microprocessor consists all, or most of, the central processing unit (that is, CPU) functions and is the "engine" which goes into motion whenever you turn your computer on. A microprocessor is designed to execute arithmetic and logic operations which make use of small number-holding regions termed as registers. Typical microprocessor operations comprise adding, subtracting, comparison of two numbers, and fetching numbers from one region to another. Such operations are the outcome of a set of instructions that are portion of the microprocessor design.

Whenever your computer is turned on, the microprocessor gets the primary instruction from the basic input-output system (BIOS) which comes with the computer as element of its memory. Subsequently, either the BIOS, or the operating system that BIOS loads into computer memory, or an application program is "driving" the microprocessor, providing it instructions to execute.

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