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The Computer networking is an engineering obedience that aims to analyze and study the communication process among the various computing devices or the computer systems that are linked (networked) together to exchange the information and share the resources.

Computer networking depends on theoretical application and the practical implementation of the fields like computer sciences, computer engineering, telecommunication and information technology.


A router, protocols and the network cards are the essential pillars upon which any network is built. Computer networks are backbone of the modern-day communication. Even public switched the telephone networks are controlled by the computer systems; the most telephonic services are also working with IP (Internet Protocol).

Increasing the scope of communication has led to much advancement in networking field and in its relative industries like the hardware, software manufacturing and the integration. As a result, the most households have access to one or more networks. There are three broad network types:

1) Local Area Network (LAN): It is used to serve a small number of people located in a small geographical space. The client server or peer-to-peer networking methods can be engaged.

 2) Wide Area Network (WAN): The WAN formed to connect a computer with its peripheral resources across a large geographical region.

3) Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN): It is formed without use of the wires or the physical media to connect hosts with server. The data is transferred over the radio transceivers.


* It is used to share the resources from one computer to another.

* It creates files and stores them in one computer, access those files from other computers connected over network.

* Connect a printer, a fax machine or scanner to one computer within network and let the other computers of the network use machines available over the network.


The Network security starts with the authenticating, commonly with a username and a password. Since this requires just one detail authenticating the user name -i.e. password- it is sometimes termed the one-factor authentication. With the two-factor authentication, something the user 'has' is also used and with the three-factor authentication, something the user 'is' is also used e.g. a fingerprint or retinal scan.


A security policy defines what the people can and cannot do with the network components and the resources.


The classes of attack might include the passive monitoring of communications, close-in attacks, active network attacks, exploitation by the insiders, and the attacks through service provider. Information systems and the networks offer the attractive targets and should be resistant to attack from the full range of threat agents, from the hackers to the nation-states. A system must be able to limit the damage and recover rapidly when the attacks occur.

There are some types of attack are found. These ares-

Passive Attack: - A passive attack monitors the unencrypted traffic and looks for the lear-text passwords and the sensitive information that can be used in other types of attacks. Passive attacks include the traffic analysis, decrypting weakly encrypted traffic, monitoring of unprotected communications and capturing authentication information such as passwords. Passive interception of network operations enables the adversaries to see upcoming events. Passive attacks result in disclosure of data files or information to an attacker without consent or knowledge of user.

Active Attack: - In this attack attacker tries to bypass or break into the secured systems. This can be done through viruses, stealth, Trojan horses or worms. Active attacks include the attempts to break the protection features, to introduce the malicious code, and to modify or steal information.

Distributed Attack: - The distributed attack requires that adversary introduce the ode, such as a back-door program or Trojan horse, to a "trusted" component or the software that will later be distributed to the many other companies and users Distribution attacks focus on malicious modification of software or hardware at factory or during the distribution.

Insider Attack: - An insider attack involves someone from inside, such as the disgruntled employee, attacking network. Insider attacks can be malicious or no malicious. The Malicious insiders intentionally steal, eavesdrop or damage the information; use information in a deceptive manner; or deny access to the other authorized users. No malicious attacks typically result from the lack of knowledge, carelessness or intentional circumvention of security for such reasons as performing a task.


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