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Data Warehouse and Data Mining:

Data Warehouse:

In computer engineering, a data warehouse or enterprise data warehouse (DW, DWH, and EDW) is a database employed for reporting and data analysis. This is a central repository of data that is made by integrating data from one or many disparate sources. The Data warehouses store present and also historical data and are employed for making trending reports for senior management reporting like yearly and quarterly comparisons.

Data warehouse is a subject-oriented, incorporated, time-variant and non-volatile group of data in support of management's decision making procedure.

Data Mining (DM):

Data mining, also termed as "knowledge discovery," refers to computer-assisted devices and methods for sifting via and analyzing such vast data stores in order to find trends, patterns, and correlations which can guide decision making and raise understanding. The Data mining covers a broad range of uses, from analyzing customer purchases to discovering galaxies. In essence, data mining is the equal of finding gold nuggets in a mount of data. The monumental task of finding unseen gold depends heavily on the power of system computers.

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