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Compiler Design presents techniques for the making realistic via non-optimizing compilers for the simple programming languages using the methods that are close to those used in real compilers. All phases required for the translating a high-level language to the machine language is covered, intermediate-code generation, including parsing,machine-code generation and register allocation.The author has taught Compiler Design at  University of the Copenhagen for over the  decade.

Definition of Complier Design:

The complexity of the designing and the building computers nearly all of these made execute to relatively the simple commands. Program for the computer should be built by the combining the very easy commands into the program and that are called machine language. Most programming language is instead done by using the high-level programming language.  Compiler translates the program written in high-level programming language that is the suitable for human programmers into the low-level machine language that is required by the computers.


Software for the early computers was primarily written in assembly language. The Higher level programming languages not invented awaiting the benefits of being able to the reuse software on different kinds of the CPUs started to become extensively greater than  costs of writing the compiler. Limited memory capacity of early on computers led to the substantial technical challenges when first compilers were being designed.

Complier supports the high level programming language:

Using the high-level language for the programming has the large impact on how fast the programs can be developed. And the main reasons for this are:

* Compared to the machine language the notation used by the programming languages is closer to the way of humans think about the problems.

* The compiler can be spot obvious programming mistake.

* Programs written in the high-level language tend to be shorter than equivalent the programs written in the machine language..

The Phases of Complier:

Phases operate in the sequence every phase taking output from the previous phase as its input. It's common to let the every phases be handled by the separate module.

Lexical analysis: This is initial part of the reading and analyzing program text.

Syntax analysis: This phase takes list of the tokens produced by lexical analysis and arranges these in the tree-structure.

Type checking: This phase analyses syntax tree to determine if  program violates certain consistency the  requirements.

Intermediate code generation: The program is translated to simple machine-independent intermediate language.

Register allocation:  Symbolic variable names are used in intermediate code are translated to the numbers each of which corresponds to the register in target machine code.

Complier requirements:

Important to the under-stand which are requirement compilers should satisfy.

Correctness; Correctness is the absolutely paramount. Correctness means that we are very carefully define semantics of the source language.

Efficiency; In the production compiler the efficiency of the generated code and also the efficiency of the compiler itself important considerations

Interoperability; Programs do not run in the isolation but linked with the library code before they are executed and will be called as the library from the other code.

 Usability; A compiler is interacts with programmer primarily when there are errors in program.


Compilers enabled the development of the programs that are the machine-independent. Before development of FORTRAN the first higher-level language in the 1950s the machine-dependent assembly language was the widely used.

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