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Computer Graphics:

Computer graphics is a skill of drawing pictures, charts, lines and so on using computers with the assist of programming. Computer graphics is made of pixel numbers. Pixel is the smallest graphical unit or picture presented on the computer screen. Principally there are two kinds of computer graphics namely:

Interactive Computer Graphics: Interactive Computer Graphics comprises a two way communication between user and computer. Here the observer is provided some control over the image by giving him with an input device for illustration the video game controller. This aims him to signal his request to the computer.

The computer on getting signals from the input device can transform the displayed picture suitably. To the user it shows that the picture is changing immediately in response to his commands. He can provide a series of commands, each one producing a graphical response from the computer. In this style he maintains a conversation, or discussion, with the computer.

Non Interactive Computer Graphics: In non interactive computer graphics or else termed as passive computer graphics. In this graphics the user does not contain any type of control over the image. Image is just the product of static stored program and will work according to the instructions provided in the program linearly. The image is fully under the control of program instructions not underneath the user. Illustration: screen savers.

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