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Q1. What do you mean by the term vanishing points? Point out how you compute the vanishing point if viewing 3D object.

Q2. Point out in brief the scan line seed fill algorithm.

Q3. Consider a clipping window A (10, 10), B (40, 10), C (40, 20), D (10, 20). By using outcodes of end points of the line P (50, 0) – Q (70, 30), illustrate that the line is trivially invisible.

Q4. Consider a triangle A (a,b), B(c,d), C(e,f) drawn on XY plane. Determine the transformation matrix to perform 90o clock-wise rotation transformation about the point A? As well determine the coordinates of rotation of B and C?

Q5. The control points P1( 0,10), P2( 30,40), P3(80,10), P4(60,40) are given, draw a rough diagram of a cubic Bezier curve, and sketch the convex hull of the curve. You do not have to do any computations.

Q6. Describe in brief the floating Horizon method for the hidden surface removal.

Q7. A light source of intensity I is throwing light on the object at distance D. prepare down an expression for the diffuse reflection from the object. State any constants which appear in your expression.

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