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Q1. describe the Boundary fill algorithm.

Q2. By using the parametric approach of the Cyrus-Beck line clipping algorithm find out the visible portion of the line segment joining P(15, 0) and Q(15, 40) for window area given by: P0(10,10), P1(20, 10), P2(20, 30) and P3(10,30). Illustrate all the computations.

Q3. A triangle ABC with vertices being A(3, 5), B(7, 5) and C(5, 10) is given. Determine the transformation to obtain its reflection regarding the line y = 4x. As well find out the coordinates of the reflected triangle.

Q4. A unit cube positioned at the origin is rotated around the X-axis by 45 degrees counter clockwise direction and then projected on z = 0 plane with the centre of projection at (0, 0, –10). Find out the matrix transformation of the projection above?

Q5. By using integer Bresenham circle generation algorithm find out the coordinates of the points on the arc of circle in the 1st octant with centre at (0, 0) having the radius 7 units. Illustrate all the computations.

Q6. Deduce the transformation matrix to get the isometric projection of an object. Use this to get the screen coordinates of a rectangular box. Work out XY screen points corresponding to object coordinates A(0, 0, 10), B(0, 20, 10) and C(30, 10, 0).

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