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problem 1:

Critically define Biplane, Monoplane with an instance and describe its advantages and disadvantages?

problem 2:

Illustrate out the term conventional and powered control.

problem 3:

Describe the forces acting on the airplane and discuss.

problem 4:

Elucidate temperature lapse rate with a graph? Sketch the structure of the atmosphere.

problem 5:

Illustrate the construction of typical transport aircraft fuselage?

problem 6:

Discuss about monocoque and semi-monocoque structures with neat diagram.

problem 7:

prepare down the metallic and non-metallic materials which are employed in construction of aircraft?

problem 8:

Illustrate the uses of titanium, stainless materials in aircraft manufacturing.

problem 9:

Describe the exploration in the space.

problem 10:

Categorize the aerospace propulsion in different attitudes.

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