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Introduction: Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with construction, design and the maintenance of physical and naturally built the environment, including works like bridges, roads, dams, canals and the buildings. The Civil engineering is second-oldest engineering discipline after the military engineering, and it is defined to differentiate the non-military engineering from the military engineering. It is traditionally broken into the several sub-disciplines including the architectural engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering,  geodesy, geophysics, structural engineering, control engineering, transportation engineering, earthquake engineering, forensic engineering, atmospheric sciences,  municipal or urban engineering, materials engineering, , water resources engineering,  offshore engineering, coastal engineering, quantity surveying,   surveying, and the construction engineering. Civil engineering takes place in public sector from the municipal through to the national governments, and in private sector from the individual homeowners through to the international companies.

Civil Engineering in Daily Life

Civil engineering has a important role in life of the every human being, though one Falkirk-Wheel large may not truly the sense its significance in our daily custom. The function of civil engineering commences with start of day when we take a bath, since water is delivered through water provide system including a well designed network of the pipes, the water treatment plant and the other numerous associated services. The network of roads on which we drive while proceeding to the school or the work, the vast structural bridges we come across and high buildings where we work all have been designed and constructed by the civil engineers. Even benefits of the electricity we use are available to us through the contribution of civil engineers who constructed towers for transmission lines. In fact, no sphere of the life may be identified that does not include contribution of the civil engineering. Thus, significance of the civil engineering may be determined according to its usefulness in our everyday life.

Future of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering exploits the technical information obtained from the numerous other sciences, and with advancement in all the types of technologies, civil engineering has also benefited enormously. The future of the civil engineering is predictable to be revolutionized by new technologies including the design software, GIS systems, GPS and the other latest technical expertise in the varied fields. Technology will continue to build important changes in application of the civil engineering, including quick progress in use of the 3-D and the 4-D design tools.

Importance of civil engineering

"Civil Engineering" was the innovative engineering field. These professionals use their analytical abilities and the knowledge of physical world to figure and design out how to build the things. Without the proper civil engineering, we would not have many of amenities that make the civilization possible:

1)The water piped to our homes and the businesses.

2)The Sewage taken away to the treatment plants.

3)The roads that build the easy driving possible and reduce likelihood of the accidents.

4)The Bridges that attach the people who formerly were divided by the water.

5)The Layout and the construction of schools, the public buildings and the parking lots that make best use of the land.

6)The Coordination of requirements of the architects, utility companies, city planners and the property owners so that the construction will work.

Civil Engineering Applications

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products supplies the products and the services to industrial and the gas drilling markets. The Water well drilling, geothermal loop installations, minerals exploration  and  the horizontal directional drilling for the utility installations have historically been focus of our product line.

In addition to these traditional drilling disciplines Baroid IDP supplies the products for use in the other industrial applications such as the slurry walls, auger drilling for foundations, waterproofing, pond sealing and as the drilling and the lubricating fluids in the pipe jacking and the tunneling operations. This cross the functionality is derived from knowledge that our products possess the primary and the secondary functions and these functions may be of benefit to the other industries.

What Does a Civil Engineer Do?

A civil engineer practices civil engineering, the branch of engineering which focuses on the design, construction, and maintenance of public works. These professionals may be working by the municipalities or by the private firms which have landed the contracts to build such public works. The qualifications to become a civil engineer differ by the nation, but normally position requires at least a four year degree, and in the some cases official certification will be needed as well before the someone can advertise as a civil engineer.

The civil engineering is one of oldest and the most extensive branches of the engineering. It focuses on the aspects of public works like the water treatment, transportation, public facilities such as airports and train stations, government buildings and the other large scale projects which benefit the public. A civil engineer must be able to design the safe structures which meet the standard codes in regions that they are being built in. These structures must be designed with the efficiency, maintenance and the other economic concerns in mind as well to ensure that they will tolerate through the years of use.

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