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Many products of the industry combine the mechanical technologies often denigrated as the old technologies with the advanced technologies. Branch of the engineering that specializes in production, design, and uses of the machines. Physics of mechanics is the generally used in the mechanical engineering. While understood as supplier of machinery, hardware, and equipment, it has evolved in direction of the service industry. Services such as installation of the manufacturing systems and training of maintenance, operators, repair, and even supply of the finance have become extra essential.


Mechanical engineering is the discipline of an engineering that applies principles of the engineering, materials science and physics for analysis, manufacturing, design, and maintenance of the mechanical systems. It is the branch of the engineering that involves the production or usage of heat and mechanical power for design, production, and operation of the machines and the tools. It is one of the broadest and oldest engineering disciplines.

The Mechanical engineering is the diverse subject that the derives its breadth from need to the design and manufacture of everything from the small individual parts and devices to the large systems. The Mechanical engineering is the large field that covers the range of functions. It describes design of original and better products that use all principles of the mechanic.


During the years from the 7th to 15th century the era called Islamic Golden Age. There remarkable contributions from the Muslim inventors in field of the mechanical technology. Al-Javari, who was the one of them wrote his famous Book of the Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices in the 1206 and presented numerous mechanical designs. He is also considered to be inventor of such the mechanical devices which now form is very basic of mechanisms such as the crankshaft and camshaft. Mechanical engineering occurred in the England during 17th century when the Sir Isaac Newton both formulated three Newton's Laws of the Motion and developed the Calculus mathematical basis of the physics.


Department of the Mechanical Engineering has traditionally rich background in the fundamental and applied engineering, which has maintained the research areas that focus on the increasingly deeper topics within the subject disciplines. This heritage provides Department with breadth to the offer sound undergraduate education. At same time the specialization of the academic staff provides stimulating environment for the research of a mechanical systems.


The Mechanical engineering is a stream of the engineering which deals with the design and manufacturing. It has the tremendous scope in the automobile engineering, cement industry, power, steel sector, etc.It involves applications of all the streams of engineering like the Civil engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering,. It is rightly called Evergreen Branch.


Mechanical engineers deal with the mechanics of motion and the transfer of the energy.

1. The Applied Mechanics: Applied Mechanics looks at the shock and vibration, motion, and dynamics and fracture or failure in the components.

2. The Fluids Engineering: There are the mechanics involved in anything that water, flows-air, oil, sand, etc. Fluids engineers design fluid systems in the vehicles.

3. The Heat Transfer: Heat moves in the systems all around us, to automobiles, from computers, to ventilation systems.

4. The Bioengineering: Bioengineering deals with the artificial organs, biomaterials, to automobiles bio-instrumentation and biotransport processes.

5. The Teratology: Teratology deals with the interacting surfaces in motion. And It looks at the friction, lubrication and the wear.


1. The Mechanical engineers: The mechanical engineers have to use the variety of different materials when making the product. Design and production of these materials also an important process for the mechanical engineer.

2. The Materials Engineering: A materials mechanical engineer focuses on the properties of materials and their effect on the design, quality, fabrication, and performance.

3. The Non-Destructive Evaluation: The Nondestructive testing is necessary to the determine quality of the device without dismantling it.

4. The Pressure Vessels & Piping: The Pressure vessels and piping are the critical in many industries, and mechanical engineers develop the materials that resist fatigue and fracture plan fabrication of the equipment.

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