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The MATLAB is a high-performance language for the technical computing. It integrates the visualization, computation and the programming in an easy-to-use environment where the problems and the solutions are expressed in the familiar mathematical document. It's typical uses include the following:

1)Math and the computation

2)Algorithm development program

3)Simulation, modeling and the prototyping

4)Exploration, data analysis and the visualization

5)The Scientific and the engineering graphics

6)The application development, including the Graphical User Interface (GUI) building

The MATLAB is an interactive system whose essential data element is an array that does not involve the dimensioning. This permits you to solve the many technical computing problems, especially those with the matrix and the vector formulations, in a portion of time it would take to write a program in the scalar non-interactive language such as the C or FORTRAN.

The name MATLAB stands for the matrix laboratory. MATLAB was originally written to provide the simple access to the matrix software developed by LINPACK and the EISPACK projects, which together symbolize t state-of-the-art in software for the matrix computation.

The MATLAB has evolved over a period of the years with input from the many users. In the university environments, it is standard instructional tool for the introductory and the advanced courses in the engineering, mathematics and the science. In industry, the MATLAB is a tool of choice for the high-productivity research, analysis and the development.

The MATLAB features a family of the application-specific solutions called the toolboxes. Very important to most the users of the MATLAB, the toolboxes permit you to learn and affect the specialized technology. The toolboxes are the comprehensive collections of the MATLAB functions (called M-files) that enlarge a MATLAB environment to solve the particular classes of the problems. The areas in which the toolboxes are available include the control systems, signal processing, fuzzy logic, neural networks, simulation, wavelets and the many others.


The MATLAB system consists of the five major parts. These are:

1.The MATLAB language

This is a high-level matrix or array language with the control flow statements, data structures, functions, the input/output and the object-oriented programming features. It permits both "programming in the small" to quickly create the dirty and quick throw-away programs, and the "programming in the large" to make the complete large and the complex application programs.

2.The MATLAB working environment

This is a set of the tools and facilities that you work with as MATLAB user or the programmer. It includes the facilities for managing variables in your workspace and exporting and importing the data. It also includes the tools for managing, developing, debugging, and profiling the M-files, the MATLAB's applications.

3.Handle Graphics.

This is a MATLAB graphics system. It includes the high-level commands for the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional data image processing, visualization, animation and the presentation graphics. It also includes the low-level commands that permit you to the fully modify the appearance of the graphics as well as to build the complete Graphical User 4

4.The MATLAB mathematical function library

This is a huge collection of the computational algorithms ranging from the elementary functions like the sine, sum, cosine, and the complex arithmetic, to do the more sophisticated functions like matrix Eigen values, matrix inverse. The Bessel functions, and the fast Fourier transforms.

5.The MATLAB Application Program Interface (API).

This is the library that permits you to write the C and FORTRAN programs that interact with the MATLAB. It include the facilities for calling the routines from the MATLAB (the dynamic linking), calling the MATLAB as a computational engine, and for the reading and writing the MAT-files.

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