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Computer engineering is the discipline that is integrates several fields of the electrical engineering and computer science required to the develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineers are usually having training in the software design, electronic engineering, and the hardware-software integration instead of only the software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in several hardware and software aspects of the computing, from the design of personal computers, individual microprocessors and supercomputers to the circuit design. This field of the engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work other than also how they integrate into larger picture.


First computer engineering degree program in United States was established at the Case Western Reserve University in the 1972. As of the October 2004 there were the 170 ABET-accredited computer engineering programs in US. In Europe, the accreditation of computer engineering schools is done by the range of agencies part of the EQANIE network. Due to increasing the job requirements for engineers who can equivalent design firmware, hardware, software, and manage all forms of the computer systems used in the industry.


Computer engineering refers to the study that is integrates electronic engineering with the computer sciences to develop and design computer systems and the other technological devices. Computer engineering is professionals have expertise in the variety of diverse areas and such as electronic engineering, software design and hardware and integrating software.

The Computer engineering allows professionals to engage in the number of areas such as analyzing and designing everything from the simple microprocessors to the highly featured software design, circuits, and operating system development. The Computer engineering is not limited to the operating computer systems but is it aimed at the creating a broad way to the design more of comprehensive technological solutions.


There are two major specific types in computer engineering: software and hardware.

1. Computer software engineering; The Computer software develops, engineers design, and test software. Some software engineers design, construct, and maintain computer programs for the companies. Some set up networks such as the intranets for the companies. The others make and install new software and upgrade the computer systems.

2. Computer hardware engineering: The Most computer hardware engineers are design, develops, and test various computer equipment. This can be range from the circuit boards and microprocessors to routers some update existing the computer equipment to be more efficient and work with the newer software. The Most computer hardware engineers are work in the research laboratories and the high-tech manufacturing firms. Some also work for federal government.


There are many specific areas in the field of computer engineering.

1. Coding, information, and cryptography protection.

2. Wireless networks and Communications.

3. Operating systems and Compilers.                  

4. Engineering and Computational science.

5. Mobile computing, distributed systems and the Computer networks.

6. Computer systems:, parallel processing and dependability architecture,

7. Robotics and Computer vision.

8. Embedded the systems.

9. Integrated circuits, , testing VLSI design and CAD

10. Signal and image, speech processing


Professionals in the computer engineering will not want for the jobs, with expected average of growth rate of nine percent from the 2010 to 2020 according to statistics bureau. The outsourcing of the computer manufacturing to the foreign countries may be affect employment several companies are now contracting out of their hardware designs. Provides opportunities for those working in the computer consulting firms.

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