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Biotechnology is use of the living systems and the organisms to develop and make useful products or any technological application that uses is living organisms, biological systems, and derivatives thereof to make and modify products or processes for the specific use Depending on tools and applications. It often overlaps with fields of the bioengineering and biomedical engineering. The Biochemists study such as things the structures and physical properties of the biological molecules including carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids the mechanisms of enzyme action.

Biotechnology is use of the organisms, biological processes, and systems to the manufacture products intended to improve value of the human life. The earliest biotechnologists were farmers who are developed improved the species of plants and animals by a cross polarization or cross breeding. In current years biotechnology has expanded in the scope, sophistication, and applicability.


The wide concept of biotech and biotechnology encompasses the wide range of procedures for the modifying living organisms according to the human purposes going back to the domestication of animals, cultivation of plants, biotechnology as application of the systems, biological organisms, or processes by the various industries to learning about science of life and improvement of the value of organisms and materials such as the pharmaceuticals, crops, and the livestock.

Biochemical engineering is the branch of biotechnology Engineering, Biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and Pharmaceutical Engineering that mainly deals with design and the construction of unit processes that involve in biological organisms or molecules such as the bioreactors. Its applications are used in Petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, and, biotechnology, or water treatment industries.


The history of the Biochemical and biotechnology are farmers have inadvertently altered genetics of their crops through the introducing them to the new environments and breeding them with the other plants one of the first forms of the biotechnology. Revenue in industry is expected to the grow by 12.9% in the 2008. Another factor is influencing the biotechnology sector success is to improved intellectual property rights. Biochemical nature of the enzymes remained obscure until 1926,when first pure crystalline enzyme  was inaccessible.


The branches of the biotechnology are: Red biotechnology: that is used to medical processes, like searching the genetic cures by going through genomic manipulations or creating the organisms to produce the antibiotics. Green biotechnology: this is used in the reference to agricultural processes that the use biotechnology. E.g. development of the transgenic plants need for the pesticides remove etc.White biotechnology: That kind of biotechnology is used to the reduce costs for producing industrial goods that occur when the traditional processes are used. Blue biotechnology: that deals with the marine and the aquatic usages of the biotechnology.


Around two dozen of 92 naturally occurring of chemical elements are essential to the various kinds of biological life. Mainly unusual elements on Earth are not needed by life. And the six major elements are compose most of the human body and humans require smaller amounts of the possibly.

Just six elements.

1. Carbon, 2.Hydrogen, 3.Nitrogen, 4.Oxygen, 5.Calcium, and 6.Phosphorus.

                Why is important to study biochemistry & Biotechnology?

Because Biochemistry is chemistry of life. Everyone should be having at least bare-bones knowledge of the biochemistry, because then you are really understood how your body is working. How the whole thing interconnects like how signals from when there lots of the glucose in blood ramp up the glycogen synthesis. It is important foundation for the nutrition and fitness to understanding our body.

Biotechnology is the because it provides the ability to the produce higher yields and holds the promise of the delivering more nutritious food and provides the tool for producing in  more environmentally stable manner.


Uses of the Biotechnology can be used for hundreds of the things. It is already made impact on the medicine the environment, clothing, edibles, and agriculture, practically everything. Manufacture of the beer, cottage cheese, cheese, wine and the bread all utilize biotechnology, High Variety of seeds have been developed due to the  biotechnology. With newer discoveries in this field better and the more eco-friendly manures, fertilizers, pesticides.

Biochemical deals with structures, functions and the interactions of biological macromolecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids, which provide structure of cells and perform many of functions associated the  life. The chemistry of cell also depends on reactions of smaller molecules and ions.

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