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For your chosen service (e.g. white board markers), identify two alternatives of getting the service (e.g. brand A, brand B). Choose the most environmentally friendly option by conducting life cycle assessment in GaBi. Alternatively, you can perform the LCA manually with known environmental impacts of components. Present the information in a report form as the first Part

Your report should include

a) Write an executive summary
b) Problem definition as an introduction (i.e. service wanted and two alternatives and why you chose this problem) and briefly describe (flow chart is fine) the procedure recommended by the ISO to conduct LCA
c) Estimated weight of each component of each alternative (e.g. plastic type, ink etc. for a white board marker), service life etc. (present in Tabular form)
d) A well-defined functional unit (usually in terms of service, e.g. 100 m of writing).
e) A balancedmaterial flow diagram for each alternative.
f) An impact analysis for each alternative
g) Hot spot identification for each alternative (usually the component or process that gives the most environmental impact from life cycle analysis).
h) Remedial measuresfor the identified hot spot of each alternative and the feasibility ofimprovement options
i) Select the best alternative after the most feasible improvement of each alternative has been implemented and write conclusion.
j) References

This section requires you to write a report as a way of answering questions. Please consider a place familiar to you so you can collect data reliably. This could be your office, home, apartment, or room you are living in. Identify one energy consuming appliance in the chosen place. Perform following steps before starting to write the report.

a. Executive summary

b. Problem definition and context as an introduction

c. Identify all relevant information regarding the products(energy consumption rate (kW/h), alternatives, efficiency, usage (hr/d, days per week etc), cost of the device etc.).

d. Find out the sources of energy (gas, coal, electricity, solar) and its cost and environmental impact (especially lookfor carbon emissions per kg or kWh). Provide the emission factor for the state you choose from the state selection guide below.

State selection guide: NSW (ID ending in 0 or 1), SA (ID ending in 2 or 3), VIC (ID ending in 4 or 5), QLD (ID ending in 6 or 7, WA (8 or 9).

e. What organisations (regulatory and/or voluntary) in Australia promote energy efficiency in general and in which wayfor products you use in the chosen place?

f. Identify the opportunities to decrease energy consumption including but not limited to replacement of devices, timer switches, manual switching, programmed switches, off-peak power usage, alternative fuel etc. and select two optionsfor improvement.

g. Perform the cost benefit analysis (simple payback period calculation is sufficient) for three improvement options

h. Conclude the best option of the three in (e). Provide reasoning (i.e., in terms of energy efficiency, cost, environmental benefit)

i. References

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