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The Task: You are to design a School. You are to design the School to the requirements of the client, who will be informed by customer choices – these will be determined by market surveys conducted by the year group. Client requirements will be made available on Blackboard; these may develop as the year progresses, and you must take account of this.

Your School must show evidence of sustainability, in terms of both construction and operation.

Your School is located adjacent to a small river. You will need to find out the consider the potential pollution in that river: details of pollutant input into the river will be given to each group. It is also located near to an industrial area with potential air pollution and noise pollution from a waste incinerator.  Details of these will also be made available to each group. 

The Report:

Your group must submit two reports, and an oral presentation. The reports are:-

1) A design report
2) A sustainability report

They should contain the following:

Design Report:

• Contents page
• Introduction
• Design shape (and the reasons for your design choices, including your problemnaire results)                                        
• Design materials (and the reasons for your choices)          
• Drawings (which should include some hand drawings and some CAD drawings)                               
• Conclusion
• References

Sustainability Report:

• Contents page
• Introduction
• Brief explanation of ‘sustainability’                   
• Environmental Impact
o Sustainability of the materials used               
o Sustainability of the energy supply               
o Sustainability of the resources and waste management  
o Water (including the river)                       
o Air Pollution                               
o Noise Pollution                           
o Impact on traffic                           
• Social impact                                   
• Economic impact                               
• Conclusion
• References

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