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1) For the differential amplifier, describe the common mode signal, CMRR and differential mode signal.

2) Specify the type of output stage of op-amp. Provide the properties established by this output stage for op-amp.

3) Open loop configuration of the Op-amp is not suitable as the linear amplifier. Justify this statement?

4) prepare the comparisons between the closed loop and open loop configuration of Op-amp.

5) describe the benefits of Op-amp over conventional amplifier circuit.

6) Design the transfer characteristics curve of the Op-amp with suitable names.

7) describe DC level shifting circuit with the input and output waveforms.

8) Design the symbol of Op-amp and label the terminals of same.

9) Describe how fast the output of an Op-amp modify by 10V in case its Slew Rate is 0.5 V/µs.

10) For the circuit shown in the figure below. Determine the output for Vin= 1 Vpp (Sine wave), R1= 470?, RF= 4.7K?. Also draw the input and output waveforms. 

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