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1) Draw a concrete mix by ACI method by using Ordinary Portland cement if coarse aggregate has the specific gravity of 2.6 and its dry rodded density is 1650 kg/m3. Maximum nominal size of coarse aggregate is 40mm and specific gravity of fine aggregate is 2.7 and its fineness modulus is 2.8. Slump of 90mm is specified for the job. Concrete will be exposed to moderate conditions and requires a compressive strength of 25 MPa.

2) describe the properties and Applications of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

3) prepare in detail about Polymer Impregnated Concrete also discuss its properties and applications.

4) prepare about the Aerated Concrete and No fines Concrete in detail and their applications.

5) Describe the production and applications of High Performance Concrete in detail.

6) prepare a detailed note on Self Compacting Concrete and its applications.

7) Describe in detail Recycled Aggregate Concrete.

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