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problem 1) Choose the most suitable word from the list below to complete the following paragraph:

Respiration is the release of ……… from ………and takes place in all ……..  of the body……… In the course of respiration, ……… is broken down to ………and ……… . If oxygen is used for this process, the respiration is called ……… . If oxygen is not used in the process, the respiration is called ……...  Each stage of respiration is speeded up by a particular ……... cells, food, carbon dioxide, enzyme, muscles, aerobic, oxygen, water, vitamin, protein, energy, anaerobic.

problem 2) Complete the following equation which summarises aerobic respiration of glucose:

C ……….  +  …O…  → …CO… +  ….H2O + 2830 ………

problem 3) prepare down the products of alcoholic fermentation?

problem 4) In which cell structures does respiration mostly occur?

 problem 5) If the person is lying quite still, what does he or she need energy for?

problem 6) Which of the two forms of respiration (aerobic and anaerobic) provides more energy from a given quantity of food?

problem 7)(a) What are the intermediate products of anaerobic respiration in an active muscle?

(b) Which of them is associated with oxygen debt?

(c) In what way is this product associated with the 'oxygen debt?

problem 8) Which two of the following statements are incorrect?

(a) Anaerobic respiration uses oxygen to release energy from food.

(b) Aerobic respiration releases oxygen from food during oxidation.

(c) Aerobic respiration converts food to carbon dioxide and water.

(d) Anaerobic respiration releases energy from food without using oxygen.

problem 9)(a) Which one of the following would be acceptable evidence that some form of respiration was taking place in a living tissue 

(i) oxygen being taken up

(ii) oxygen being given out

(iii) water vapour being produced

(iv) food being used up

(b) Why are the others unacceptable?

problem 10) If a tissue was heated to 65ºC for 10 minutes, respiration will cease even if oxygen and food were supplied. Why is this?

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