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1) (a) A series circuit has R=10Ω, L=50mH, and C=100μF and is supplied with 200V,50Hz. Determine (a) Impedance (b) current (c) power (d) power factor (e) voltage drop across the each element.

(b) Deduce an equation for equivalent resistance of number of resistors connected in parallel.

2) A 400V is applied to 3-star connected the same impedances each including of a 40Ω resistance in series with 3Ω inductance reactance. Determine (i) line current (ii) Total power supplied.

3) prepare down the 3 basic kinds of rotating electrical machines.

4) prepare down two kinds of induction motors.

5) prepare down the difference between core and shell type transformers.

6) Describe the purpose of laminating the core in a transformer?

7) prepare down the emf equation of the transformer and define each term.

8) describe why transformer does draw any current when secondary is open?

9) What do you mean by a voltage regulation of a transformer?

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