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Section A-Descriptive problems

problem1)a) Discuss the concept and scope of public nutrition.

b) Briefly describe the role of a public nutritionist in health care delivery.

problem2)a) Describe the concept of food and nutrition security, highlighting the determinants of food security.

b) Graphically present economic consequences and economic evaluation of malnutrition. Describe briefly.

problem3) Elaborate on the available preventive measures to combat:

(i) Iron deficiency Anaemia

(ii) Vitamin A deficiency

problem4)a) Briefly describe the factors that contribute to high fertility in India.

b) List the classifications (based on body weight) commonly used in India to assess nutritional status of preschool children. Describe any one in detail.

problem5) a) What are the commonly used methods for dietary assessment? Describe any one method.

b) Briefly describe the concept of nutrition monitoring and nutrition surveillance highlighting their activities.

problem6)a) Name one programme under each of the following and describe its components.

(i) Food supplementation programme

(ii) Food security programmes

(iii) Self Employment and wage employment scheme


a) Distinguish between food based and nutrient based strategies.

b) Discuss the role of dietary diversification and food fortification in combating public nutrition problems.

c) Enumerate supplementary feeding component of different intervention programme run by Government or non-government organizations in our Conley.

problem8)a) Briefly describe the concept of programme management and administration.

b) List main steps involved in planning, implementing and evaluating a public nutrition programme.

(In 2-3 sentences describe the issues aspects covered under each step)

problem9)a) What is need assessment ? Describe any one technique you will adopt for need assessment in a community.

b) Illustrate components of communication process and different phases in process of nutrition education. Briefly describe these processes.

problem10)a) “Nutrition/ health information could be communicable through many channels,” Justify the statement giving suitable exs.

b) As the nutrition educator what useful guidelines will you adopt for formulating efficient message design?

c) Enumerate the various steps involved in planning the effective training programme in the area of nutrition education.

Section B-OTQ (Objective Type problems)

problem1) prepare down the clinical signs of the following nutritional disorders

(i) Vitamin A deficiency

(ii) Riboflavin deficiency

(iii) Iodine deficiency

(iv) Fluorosis

(v) Niacin deficiency

(vi) Vitamin C deficiency

(vii) Folic acid and Vitamin B 12 deficiency

(viii) Rickets

(ix) Lathyrism

(x) Vitamin B, (Thiamin) deficiency

problem2) Describe the following in 2-3 sentences

(i) BMI

(ii) Biochemical Assessment

(iii) Summative evaluation

(iv) Social Marketing

(v) National Immunization schedule

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