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1) Describe in detail about the simulation methods for RF Integrated circuits.

2) Describe Noise Analysis methods which is used in Analog Circuit Simulation.

3) prepare down the functions of the test bench? prepare down a test bench which tests a sequence detector. Detector checks the input data stream on every positive clock edge for a pattern 10010. If such a pattern is found output is set to a 1, else it is set to a 0.

4) prepare down a behavioural model for the asynchronous reset toggle flip-flop. If toggle is 1, output toggles between 0 and 1. If toggle is 0, output stays in earlier state. Then, by using specific block, state a setup time of 2ns and hold time of 3ns. Validate the model by using a test bench.

5) Describe how to compute interconnect delays.

6) prepare detailed notes on:

(a) Crosstalk

(b) Parasitic Extraction

7) prepare down the types of analyses done using PSPICE program? Describe in detail.

8) Describe the SPICE program structure by using diagrams and flow chart.

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