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1) Describe the Bernoulli’s theorem along with its assumption and applications.

2) A tube of manometer is used to determine the pressure of oil specific gravity 0.85 flowing within the pipe line. Its left limb is linked to the pipe and right limb is open to atmosphere. The center of pipe is 100mm under the level of mercury in the right limb. If difference of mercury level in two limbs is 160mm. Determine the absolute pressure in KPa.

3) Describe the differential u-tube manometer with suitable sketch.

4) prepare comparison between venturimeter and orificemeter.

5) A pipe through which water is running is having the diameter 40cm and 20cm at section 1 and section 2 respectively. The velocity of water at the section 1 is given 5m/sec. Determine the velocity head at section 1 and section 2 with rate of the discharge.

6) prepare the differences between the Laminar and Turbulent flow.

7) Describe the working principle of Pitot tube with suitable sketch.

8) Draw an appropriate sketch of the venture meter. describe why the length of divergent cone is made longer.

9) Water flows through the horizontal tapering pipe having a diameter of 30cm at one end and 20cm at other end. If velocity of water at larger end is 2.5m/sec. Determine the velocity and discharge at the smaller end.

10) A horizontal venture meter 160x80mm that is used to determine the flow of an oil specific gravity 0.3. Find the deflection of oil mercury guage if discharge of oil is 50 lps. Take the Co-efficient of discharge 1.

11) Describe the working principle of orifice meter. Also prepare down its equation of discharge with appropriate sketch.  

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