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problem 1)a) Describe the current trends in Automotive systems. What is Hybrid vehicle?

b) Which are the components for Electronic engine management systems? Describe briefly.

problem 2)a) Describe the role of dashboard electronic instruments? Discuss on board diagnostic system.

b) What are the different types of interferences? How they can be overcome?

problem 3)a) prepare brief notes on following:

i) Electronic management of chassis system.

ii) Vehicle motion control.

b) Different types of fuel injection systems? Describe.

problem 4)a) prepare brief notes on:

i) Crank angle position sensors.

ii) Flow sensors.

iii) Vehicle speed sensors.

b) What are ECUs? Describe their significance in modern vehicles.

problem 5)a) describe briefly solid state ignition system techniques.

b) How fuel metering is done? Which are the different techniques?

problem 6)a) Briefly describe the technique of Distributor less integrated engine control and exhaust emission control technique.

b) prepare brief note on cruise control of car.

problem 7)a) Which are the various safety measures taken using embedded systems in modern vehicles?

b) Draw schematic arrangement for a typical CAN network containing a master and number of slaves. How multiprocessor communication is possible?

problem 8)a) Describe the following systems in modern vehicles.

i) Lane departure warning.

ii) Curve over speed countermeasures.

iii) Blind spot monitoring.

iv) Parallel parking assistance.

v) Lane change assistance.

b) How vehicle tracking system is achieved using GPS

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