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The following task is to be accomplished by your MATLAB project. Please take into account the following points while writing your project code. These points constitute the basis of marking for this project.

A) You have 1 week to submit your finished project. Put everything (files) related to your finished project in a folder called ‘XXX-ID’, where XXX is your first name and ID is your university ID number, then zip the folder.

B) The project will be written in MATLAB, using the appropriate functions and procedures.

C) Make sure your project is working. Test it thoroughly. Use as many combinations of input as you can. Test it for repeatability (using the same inputs) and for correctness (by seeing if it returns the correct answer).

D) Comments should be written next to your code to provide clear explanations of the tasks being performed by the code. You should try to keep you comments understandable and readable as much as possible.

E) Efficiency in coding (optimization) should be observed. If a short piece of code does the same job that a longer piece of code does, then the shorter one is more efficient.

F) Speed of calculation (and efficiency in using computer memory) should be observed. If two pieces of code do the same job with different speeds, then the quicker one (and the one using less memory resources) is more desirable. If two functions can do the same calculation, use the one that is more efficient and quicker.

G) Never copy code from the web or others – that is plagiarism. If plagiarism is discovered in your code, your project will be immediately rejected and your mark will be zero.

H) Be original.

I) Try to enjoy this project. It is not too difficult.

TASK: prepare a MATLAB program (using/making the necessary functions that you deem necessary) that does the two following jobs:

1) It generates the following digital modulation schemes. In each case, the program should visualize the M possible waveforms, each drawn over symbol duration (T), of the chosen modulation scheme. The program asks the user to enter both M and the Type of modulation at the beginning. The program returns the waveforms (with your suitable choice of amplitude and symbol time, T, as to make the plots clear).

(a) MASK.
(b) MPSK.
(c) MFSK.
(d) MQAM.

2) Then the program asks the user to enter a sequence of bits. The program returns the sequence of symbols that correspond to this bit sequence (according to M) and plots the waveforms corresponding to each of these symbols, based on the options made in part (1) above.

Note: Use ‘0’ bit padding where bits are missing. Make any necessary assumptions reasonably.

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