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problem 1: The segment of DNA has this series:


What do you mean by mRNA sequence transcribed from this segment?


problem 2: The inheritance of short wings in the Drosophila fruit flies is an x-linked, recessive trait. Which would most probable outcome if a short-winged female mates with the long-winged male?

a) All offspring will be short-winged.
b) All females will be long-winged and all the males will be short-winged.
c) All females will be short-winged and all the males will be long-winged.
d) Half of males and females will be short-winged and half will be long-winged.

problem 3: Illustrate the step in the method of producing the transgenic bacteria?

a) A plasmid is employed to substitute a faulty gene in the human cell.
b) A chain of bacterial amino acids is inserted into the human DNA.
c) A human gene is inserted into the bacterial plasmid.
d) A mutation is generated in a bacterial cell.

problem 4: Which would most probable in the production of a mutation which is passed on to offspring?

a) Radiation altering the DNA series in skin cells
b) A gamete with an additional chromosome forming
c) Tobacco smoke modifying the genes in lung cells
d) Exposure to chemicals modifying nerve cell function

problem 5: The large population of cockroaches was sprayed with an insecticide. A few of the cockroaches survived and produced a population of cockroaches which was resistant to this spray. What can best be inferred from this illustration?

a) A species will adapt no matter what the environment.
b) The environment has no consequence on the survival of an organism.
c) Insecticides cause mutations which are passed on to the next generation.
d) Individuals with positive variations survive and reproduce.

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