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problem 1: Which of the given doesn’t apply to an enzyme:

a) Catalyst.
b) Inorganic.
c) Protein.
d) All the above apply to an enzyme.

problem 2: Whenever an enzyme catalyzes a reaction:

a) Substrate(s) bind in active site.
b) Products bind in the active site.
c) The shape of enzyme remains unchanged.
d) The enzyme is consumed through the reaction.

problem 3: Which of the given would interfere most with the ability of an enzyme to catalyze the reaction?

a) Reduced concentration of substrate available.
b) Reduced concentration of product available.
c) Raised concentration of substrate available.
d) The change in pH.

problem 4: Feedback methods regulate the rate of enzyme activity; effectively ‘turning off’ an enzyme in a reversible way until more products is needed. Which of the given would be most efficient as a feedback mechanism?

a) Reduced concentration of product.
b) Raised concentration of substrate.
c) The change in pH.
d) Temporary binding of the non-substrate molecule in active site.

problem 5: Which of the given statements is accurate in describeing the activity of the lactase enzyme?

a) Lactase can function uniformly effectively at numerous different pH levels
b) The shape of lactase doesn’t change throughout the reaction.
c) Lactase is transformed to glucose and galactose by the reaction.
d) One lactase enzyme can catalyze lots of reactions.

problem 6: Look up and prepare in the given definitions as they apply to the chemical reactions:

a) Catabolic.
b) Anabolic.
c) Endergonic.
d) Exergonic.

problem 7: Why is enzyme activity similar to, however not exactly like, a ‘Lock’ and ‘Key’?

problem 8: What substrate amount was needed to accomplish the maximum reaction rate?

problem 9: At what pH level did the maximum reaction rate take place?

problem 10: Why was there no raise in the reaction rate with 8.0 g. of substrate as compared to 4.0 g. of substrate? What would you require to add to see a raise in the reaction rate with 8.0 g. of substrate?

problem 11: In the graph you made in the lab simulation with your data:

a) What is symbolized by the green line?
b) Determine the optimal pH for lactase enzyme activity?

problem 12: Consider only the experiment you conducted with 0.5 g. of the lactose.

a) Determine the independent variable?

b) Determine the dependent variable?

problem 13: The maximum rate of reaction is 350 molecules product/minute. List two modifications you could make in the experimental conditions or variables that would raise the reaction rate. Describe why each change you listed will raise the reaction rate.

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