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Q1. Mushrooms and molds belong to the kingdom of:

a. Archaea.
b. Protists.
c. Fungi.
d. Plantae.
e. Animalia.

Q2. Which of the given is NOT true regarding plants which live in a land environment?

a. The developing zygote doesn’t require to be protected from desiccation.
b. They should have an internal structure to oppose the pull of gravity.
c. Reproductive units might be adapted to transport by wind or motile animals.
d. The organism should get water.
e. They should be capable of withstanding great changes in humidity and temperature.

Q3. The main evolutionary trend among plants is:

a. The reduction in the size of gametophyte and a raise in the size of the sporophyte.
b. The reduction in the size of sporophyte and a raise in the size of gametophyte.
c. Raise in the size of both sporophyte and gametophyte.
d. Reduction in the size of both sporophyte and gametophyte.

Q4. Which of the given is a non-vascular plant?

a. Ferns
b. Bristlecone pine tree
c. Moss
d. Redwood tree
e. Grass

Q5. Compared to the moss, the fern is adapted better to the life on land as the fern

a. Produces seeds, however the moss doesn’t.
b. Doesn’t have swimming sperm, however the moss does.
c. Doesn’t have a gametophyte generation, however the moss does.
d. Has vascular tissue, however the moss doesn’t.

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