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problem: The nitrogenous base found in DNA but not in RNA is:

A) Adenine.       
B) Cytosine.       
C) Guanine.   
D) Thymine.   
E) Uracil.

problem: Which of the following is used to cut DNA molecules chemically at specific sequences?

A) Restriction enzymes       
B) Cloning molecules        
C) Luciferase   
D) Gel electrophoresis

problem: DNA polymerases are used in the laboratory to:

A) Perform gel electrophoresis.           
B) Cure patients of certain genetic diseases.
c) Make many copies of a DNA sequence.       
D) Attach DNA fragments to each other.

problem: The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is used to:

A) Produce many copies of a selected DNA sequence.
B) Insert DNA from one organism into a new host.
C) Screen for a particular gene.
D) Deliver DNA products into a human patient.

problem: The use of DNA analysis to identify individuals is known as:

A) PCR testing   
B) DNA fingerprinting   
C) Cloning.
D) None of these.

problem: DNA identification of individuals is possible because:

A) Individuals, other than identical twins, are genetically unique.
B) A different restriction enzyme is needed to cut each person’s DNA.
C) A different species of bacteria is needed for the DNA library of each person
D) Each person’s DNA uses a different set of bases.

problem: Which of the following sources would NOT be suitable for DNA fingerprinting analysis?

A) Saliva.   
B) Hair.       
C. Semen.      
D. Red blood cells.   
E. Urine.

problem: Small circular DNA molecules accompanying the main DNA of the bacterial chromosome in a bacterial cell are called:

A) Jumping genes.       
B) Ligases.       
C) Polymerases.       
D) Plasmids.

problem: Procedures that manipulate the genes of organisms are referred to as:

A) DNA fingerprinting.           
B) Genetic engineering.
C) Bacteriophages.           
D) New genetics.

problem: Your child is taking an antibiotic that blocks ribosomes in the pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria from binding with mRNA. Which of the following processes will not occur in the pathogenic bacteria?

A) Transcription.   
B) Photosynthesis.
C) Translation    .   
D) Osmosis.

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