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Q1. Which of the given statements is not correct of chemical bonds?

A. Both kinds of chemical bonds include electrons in the outer shell.
B. Covalent bonds share electrons among the two atoms.
C. An atom included in an ionic bond has an unequal number of protons and electrons.
D. Water (H2O) has covalent bonds.
E. Salts and other significant ionic molecules of body are covalently bonded.

Q2. If the neutral atoms become positive ions, they:

A. Gain electrons
B. Lose electrons.
C.Gain protons.
D. Lose protons.
E. Don’t change.

Q3. The covalent bond is:

A. An illustration of a bond which outcomes in ionic compounds.
B. Sharing of electrons among two atoms.
C. Transfer of electrons from one atom to the other.
D. Attraction of charged atoms.
E. Sharing of protons between two atoms.

Q4. The lower the pH:

A. Lower the hydrogen ion concentration.
B. Higher the pH number.
C. More acidic solution.
D. Greater the hydroxyl ion concentration.

Q5. Which is not a correct relationship of organic molecules?

A. Starch, glycogen and cellulose are glucose polymers.
B. Whenever a carbon chain has all the hydrogen’s it can hold, it is an unsaturated triglyceride.
C. Protein is a polymer of amino acids.
D. ATP is employed for energy storage instead of cell structure.
E. DNA is a polymer of nucleotides which comprises deoxyribose sugar.

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