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problem 1: A bird-watcher records the movement of the migrating birds. In which part of the scientific method is the bird-watcher participating?

a) Controlling variables
b) Experimenting
c) Hypothesizing
d) Observing

problem 2: Which deals with the transmission of inherited traits from one generation to the other?

a) Anatomy
b) Genetics
c) Ecology
d) Forensics

problem 3: What will most probable be the outcome if all of the mitochondria are eliminated from a plant cell?

a) It will be not capable to carry out respiration.
b) It will lose water via osmosis.
c) It will break down the ribosome in cell.
d) It will be not capable to photosynthesize.

problem 4: What method best describes how a nerve cell and a muscle cell can both develop from the similar fertilized egg?

a) Differentiation
b) Natural selection
c) Selective breeding
d) Genetic engineering

problem 5: Throughout strenuous exercise, body temperature rises. The body responds to the raise in temperature by sweating that helps to decrease the body temperature. Which is describeed in this situation?

a) Excretion
b) Metabolism
c) Homeostasis
d) Synthesis

problem 6: Before mitosis starts, which happens before the nucleus begins dividing?

a) The cytoplasm separates.
b) The DNA replicates.
c) The sister chromatids separate.
d) The homologous chromosomes cross over.

problem 7: Describe the function of autotrophs in carbon-cycle?

a) To utilize oxygen to produce glucose
b) To take in surplus water
c) To use carbon-dioxide to produce the glucose
d) To feed on herbivores

problem 8: Two distinct populations of birds live in the similar area and eat the same kinds of food. Which most likely describes the relationship between such two populations of birds?

a) Competition
b) Mutualism
c) Parasitism
d) Predator-prey

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