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1. Why must one study octal and Hexadecimal systems when digital machine understands only binary system?

2. Simplify the Boolean equation (A + AB).

3. Where do we utilize signed binary number?

4. Transform decimal 1000 to octal and Hexadecimal system.

5. What is the usefulness of floating point representation of numbers?

6. prepare the truth table of 2-input Ex-NOR gate.

7. How NOT gate function can be obtained from NOR gate?

8. Describe where do we use MUX?

9. What is the role of the Encoder?

10. describe with suitable ex, a combinational circuit.

11. Design a well labelled block diagram of a -ve edge triggered J-K Flip Flop.

12. prepare down the difference between volatile and Non-volatile memories.

13. Describe what do you understand by secondary memories.

14. What are the applications of D-Flip Flop?

15. Where do we use DC PRESET and DC CLEAR terminals in Flip Flops?

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