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Q1. When a somatic sensory neuron is impaired, which of the given is most likely to take place?

a) Loss of muscle tone
b) Loss of proprioception
c) Paralysis
d) Death
e) Tetanus

Q2. Chain ganglia are portion of the:

a) Central nervous system.
b) Sympathetic branch of ANS.
c) Somatic motor branch of ANS.
d) Parasympathetic branch of ANS.
e) Spinal cord.

Q3. Membranes of all the postganglionic neurons in autonomic ganglia contain:

a) Somatotrophic receptors.
b) Muscarinic receptors.
c) Adrenergic receptors.
d) Nicotinic receptors.
e) Macrotinic receptors.

Q4. Autonomic reflexes:

a) Are not possible.
b) Are integrated somewhere in the CNS.
c) Have efferent input and output.
d) Is an illustration of the positive feedback.
e) Are harmful.

Q5. Which of the given is not a parasympathetic effect?

a) Constriction of pupils of eye
b) Contraction of urinary bladder
c) Reduced heart rate
d) Dilation of bronchioles in the lungs
e) Raised gastric secretions

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