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(1 A sexually producing organism has 12 chromosomes in each somatic cell, how many chromosomes would you find in the organism's gametes (sperm/egg)?

(2) The # of chromosomes in the human white blood cell is?

(3) The exchange of genes between pairs of homologous chromosomes is called?

(4) The # of male gametes (sperms) produced after one complete meiotic cell division is?

(5) When a pure-breeding red flower snapdragon is crossed with a pure-breeding white flower snapdragon plant it produced plants with pink flowers. this is referred to as?

(6) The # of amino acids those participate in protein synthesis are?

(7) When the centromere divides and chromosomes begin to migrate, the mitotic stage is called?

(8) DNA varies from species to species in its?

(9) The portion of dna molecule that is translated is composed of? exons or codons?

(10) How many different amino acids are there in proteins?

(11) All mRNA transcript begin with?

(12) Eukaryotic ribosomes function as
(a)single unit
(b) two-part units
(c) three-part units
(d)four part unit

(13) Mutations can be
(e) all of the above

(14)which of the following terms refers to the processes by which the cells with identical genotypes become structurally and functionally distinct from one another? (a)metamorphosis(b)metastasis (c) cleavage (d)differentiation (e)induction

(b)AABB x aabb,
(d) AA/Aa X aa,
(e)Aa x Aa

(2)__________monohybrid cross
(3)_________homozygous condition
(4)________heterozygous condition
(5)________test cross

(a) DNA is usually double-stranded; RNA is usually single stranded
(b) nucleotides in DNA contain a different sugar from the nucleotides in RNA
(c) RNA contains the bases A,T,G, and C; DNA contains bases A,C,G, and U
(d) all

(2) The most important function of nucleic acids is
(a) catalyzing chemical reactions
(b) storing energy (c)forming barrier between the inside and outside of cell
(d) storing information related to heredity and protein synthesis

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