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problem 1: What processes or properties are used in both intracellular transport and transport in multi-cellular organisms? How are they utilized?

problem 2:  If you were tapping a maple tree to harvest sap for syrup, which transporting tissue would you tap? Why? Where is it situated?

problem 3: In the leaf why so many cells are packed altogether near the surface of the leaf? How are they continually supplied with water?

problem 4: Would a plant be able to transport water to its leaves more easily for less easily on a humid day?

problem 5: You have a plant which doesn’t look very full (few stringy branches). What would you do to give it a more complete appearance (have more short branches full of leaves)?

problem 6: What cellular transport process is most responsible for helping pull water up a plant?

problem 7: Where in the stem would you find out the Phloem?

problem 8: What gases are stored in the spongy layer?

problem 9: What was the main benefit of multicellularity?

problem 10: What is the main difference between a true multicellular organism and a colony of interdependent cells?

problem 11: What cells in the plant modify their shape the most by modifying the amount of water in their vacuoles?

problem 12: The tubes which conduct water up a tree are termed  __________ .

problem 13: prepare down the two functions of the stem?

problem 14: As days get shorter a plant would secrete ___________ to signal dormancy.

problem 15: What substance secreted by plants acts as a growth hormone lengthening the plant?

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