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problem 1:

a) With block diagram describe Delay line.

b) If a digitizing oscilloscope is to have a 16-bit resolution in both the horizontal and vertical axis and is to display transients at a rate of 1*10-6 sec per division for a display of 10 divisions, what is the speed needed for the input of A/D converter?

problem 2: Draw and describe different parts of a CRT.

problem 3: What precautions must be taken when employing a sampling oscilloscope?

problem 4:

a) describe the various types of sweeps used in a CRO.

b) Compute the velocity of an electron beam in an oscilloscope, if the voltage applied to its vertical deflection plates is 2000V. Also, compute the cut off frequency if the maximum transit time is 1/4th of a cycle. The length of horizontal plates is 50 mm.

problem 5:

a) With a neat block diagram, describe the successive approximation digital voltmeter.

b) The lowest range on a 4½ digit digital voltmeter is 10 mV full scale. What is the sensitivity of this meter?

problem 6:

a) With a neat block diagram describe the working of servo balancing potentiometer type digital voltmeter.

b) describe the term over range and half digit.

problem 7:

a) Describe with circuit diagram, the principle of operation of DVM.

b) A 3(1/2) digit voltmeter is used for measuring voltage.

i) Find resolution of the instrument.
ii) How would a voltage of 13.24 V be displayed on 10 V scale?
iii) What would a reading of 13.24 volts be displayed on a 100 V scale?

problem 8: describe dual slope integrating type DVM in brief. Give its benefits.

problem 9:

a) How Digital voltmeters are categorized? Describe.

b) prepare any four benefits and drawbacks of Linear Ramp technique.

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