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Answer the following problems in detail.

problem 1) Sketch the value timing diagram and P-V diagram of two stroke Petrol engine. prepare down the disadvantages of two stroke system?

problem 2) Describe the various devices used to meet the requirements of an ideal carburetor? prepare down the limitations of single jet carburetor?

problem 3) Describe in detail the method for measurement of indicated horse power.

problem 4) An Otto cycle, in which air is the working fluid, operates through a compression ratio of 4:1. At the beginning of the compression the air is at pressure 1 bar and temperature 293K. If the heat addition is at constant volume equals 2000 kj/kg, Compute air standard efficiency and mean effective pressure for the cycle.

problem 5) Given data were recorded from a test on a single cylinder four stroke engine. Diameter of brake wheel=70 cm, rope dia=3cm, the dead load=20 kgf when the spring balance reading is 5 kgf, engine is running at450rpm, Area of indicator diagram = 4cm2 , Length of indicator diagram: 6cm, spring stiffness is 12, Fuel consumption: 0.23kgh.h.p.-ht, Calorific value of fuel: 10500 Kca/kg., cylinder bore dia. : 10 cm, piston stroke: 15cm. Compute:

(a) B.H.P.

(b) I.H.P.

(c) Mechanical efficiency.

(d) Indicated thermal efficiency.

problem 6) What is requirement of Governor? Describe working of one type of Governor.

problem 7) What is the significance of delay period? Describe variable effecting the delay period.

problem 8) Describe with the help of neat sketch, the effect of compression ration engine performance.

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