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What is Mycology?
A. The study of molds
B. The study of algae
C. The study of Mutualism
D. The study of fungi

What are the 5 Kingdoms of living organisms?
A. plants, animals, viruses, insects, bacteria
B. animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, humans
C. plants, animals, fungi, protista, strameopila
D. bacteria, animals. Viruses, fungi, algae

What is the scientific name of the most common cultivated mushroom in the US?
A. Penicillium notatum
B. Agaricus bisporus
C. Blasphemous, nongoddi
D. Aspergillus, sp.

What are fungi cell walls composed of?
A. cellulose
B. skin
C. chitin
D. wool

What does Heterotrophic mean?
A. must feed on preformed organic material
B. can make their own food
C. can not carry on photosynthesis
D. can reproduce with others of a different sex

Are fungi more closely related to plants or to animals?
A. Plants
B. Animals

What advantages does a fungus have because it does not have chlorophyll?
A. not dependent on light, can occupy dark habitats, can grow in any direction
B. it does nor have parasites attached to it
C. it can spend its energy making other food
D. it does not need water

What is the difference between a Saprophyte and a Parasite?
A. saprophyte-dead host Parasite-living host
B. saprophyte-living host Parasite-dead host
C. saprophyte-dead host Parasite-no host
D. saprophyte-no host Parasite-living host

Name 2 types of Mutualistic relationships involving fungi.
A. mycorrhizae and Molds
B. Molds and mildews
C.Lichens and Micorrhizae
D. Penicillium and Aspergillus

List 4 ways that Fungi may be harmful.
A. food, shelter, manufacturing, medicines
B. cause disease, produce pesticides, make antibiotics, cause rot
C. cause rot, cause human disease, cause plant and animal disease, destroy manufactured goods
D. cause disease, cause rotting, make food, do not contain chlorophyll

List 5 ways that fungi may be helpful to humans.
A. yeasts, antibiotics, steroids and hormones, cheeses, citric acid
B. mildews, antibiotics, steroids and hormones, cheeses, citric acid
C. yeasts, antibiotics, rots, cheeses, citric acid
D. yeasts, antibiotics, steroids and hormones, disease

Where do Chitrids live?
A. In humid environments
B. on bird feathers
C. in aquatic environments
D. on shoe leather

What is the common name for the Zygomycota?
A. mushrooms
B. water molds
C. bread mold
D. truffels

What phylum are the Morels in?
A. Ascomycota
B. Zygomycota
C. Basidiomycota
D. Deuteromycota

What phylum are the Mushrooms in?
A. Ascomycota
B. Zygomycota
C. Basidiomycota
D. Deuteromycota

What is the defining characteristic of the Deuteromycetes?
A. Deuterospores
B. no known sexual reproduction
C. can only live in water
D. no antibiotic resistance

Name 2 ways that Yeasts reproduce?
A. fission and budding
B. conjugation and fission
C. budding and conjugation
D. Ascospores and Deuterospores

List 7 types of the fungi surfaces.
A. gills,hooks, branches, teeth, folds, ridges, smooth
B. gills, pores, pilli, teeth, folds, ridges, smooth
C. gills, pores, branches, enveloped folds, ridges, smooth
D. gills, pores, branches, teeth, folds, ridges, smooth

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