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1) prepare down the name of the components of the automobile chassis suitably mounted.

2) Categorize the chassis of the automobile with brief explanation of each.

3) What is the role of a clutch? Describe the different factors affecting the torque Transmission in a Clutch.

4) With the help of neat sketch describe the process of Torque Transmission in a Fluid Flywheel. Also describe advantages and disadvantages of Fluid Flywheel

5) Describe the functions and necessity of Transmission System

6) Describe with the help of neat diagram the Construction of a Propeller Shaft.

7) Describe the significance of Wheels & Tyres in the Automobile and mention the requirements of an automobile wheel.

8) prepare detailed notes on the following:

(a) Tubeless Tyres

(b) Causes of excessive tyre wear

(c) Semi floating & fully floating axles

(d) Centrifugal Clutches

(e) Body Upholstery

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