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problem 1: Consider an MFSK scheme with fc = 250 kHz, fc = 25 kHz and M = 8 (L = 3 bits)

a) Make a frequency assignment for each of the eight possible 3-bit data combinations.
b) We wish to apply FHSS to this MFSK scheme with k = 2; that is, the system will hop among four various carrier frequencies.

Expand the outcomes of part a) to show that 4×8 = 32 frequency assignments.

problem 2: describe the fundamental principle of the fast and slow FHSS.

problem 3: Describe the concept of FHSS by using MFSK.

problem 4: How can a DSSS signal can be produced by using BPSK?

problem 5: Describe the concept of CDMA with an illustration.

problem 6: Describe CDMA for direct sequence spread spectrum.

problem 7: How does a single bit error distinct from a burst error?

problem 8: Describe the concept of the redundancy in error detection.

problem 9: How can a parity bit detect a damaged data unit?

problem 10: What is the fundamental difference between even parity and odd parity?

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