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problem 1) Draw a twiss drill and prepare briefly the following elements:

a) Lip angle

b) Helix angle

c) Chisel angle and

d) Point angle

e) Land width

f) Margin

g) Back taper and

h) Shank

problem 2)a) Draw a single point cutting tool and show on it different tool elements and tool angles.

b) Describe different types of tool wears.

problem 3)a) Enumerate the various factors on which tool life depend.

b) Describe the methods of cutting gears by milling.

problem 4)a) How the milling cutters are classified?

b) Draw a plain milling cutter showing various design features.

problem 5)a) What is the six-point location principle? Describe it with the help of appropriate sketches.

b) For what purposes indexing jigs are used?

problem 6) Determine the total pressure, dimensions of tools to produce a washer 5cm outside diameter with a 2.4cm diameter hole from material 4mm thick having a shear strength of 360N/mm

problem 7)a) A cup without flanges and a height 10cm and diameter 5cm is to be made from sheet metal 2.5mm thick. Determine the appropriate number of draws.

b) What is the function of providing ‘straight’ and ‘angular clearance’ in the die block?

problem 8) List the different types of clamping devices and describe any two with figures.

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