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problem 1: List all the steps employed in making a checksum?

problem 2: How does the checksum checker know that the received data unit is not damaged?

problem 3: What type of error is undetectable by the checksum?

problem 4: What is the formula to compute the number of redundancy bits needed to correct a bit error in a given number of data bits?

problem 5: What is the main purpose of the hamming code?

Supposing even parity, determine the parity bit for each of the given data units:

a) 1001011
b) 1110111

problem 6: A receiver receives the bit pattern 01101011. If the system is employing even parity VRC, is the pattern in error?

problem 7: Find out the LRC for the given block of data:

10011001 01101111

problem 8: Given a 10-bit sequence 1010011110 and a divisor of 1011, determine CRC. Check your answer.

problem 9: Given a remainder of 111, a data unit of 10110011 and a divisor of 1001, is there an error in data unit?

problem 10: Determine the checksum for the given bit sequence. Suppose a 16-bit segment size:


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