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1.a) Deduce the expression for air standard efficiency of Brayton cycle interms of

(i) compression ratio and

(ii) the pressure ratio.

b) Describe why the Brayton cycle is most appropriate for gas turbine power?

2.a) What is the difference between closed cycle and open cycle gas turbine power plants.

b) Design a neat and suitable diagram of regenerative gas turbine and reheater and also describe it working with a help of a suitable p-v diagram.

3.a) prepare down the methods that are used for improving efficiency of a gas turbine plant.

b) Describe the working of any one type of combustion chamber used in gas turbine plant?

4. Design the Brayton cycle. Air enters compressor of the cycle at at 1 bar and 250c. Pressure after compression is 3 bar. Temperature at turbine inlet is 6500c. Find out per kg of air:

(i) cycle efficiency

(ii) heat supplied to air,

(iii) work available

(iv) heat rejected in the cooler and

(v) Temperature of air leaving the turbine.

5.a) With PV and TS diagram describe effect of intercooling, reheating and regeneration in a gas turbine plant in detail.

b) Describe the materials that are used for gas turbine and compressors. prepare down the properties that must the blade materials posses?

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