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problem 1)(a) What effect does alcohol have on reaction time?

(b) What other short-term effects does alcohol have?

(c) What long-term effects can result from an excessive alcohol intake?

problem 2) If a woman thinks she is pregnant she should

(a) take no more than three standard alcoholic drinks per day

(b) take no more than one standard alcoholic drink per day

(c) take no more than five standard alcoholic drinks per week

(d) take no alcoholic drinks at all. 

problem 3) Put the following in order of their total alcohol content, starting with the strongest.

double whisky, 2 pints of cider, 3 glasses of wine, a glass of sherry, pint of beer

problem 4) Which of the following is considered to be a relatively safe level of alcohol intake for

(a) men,(b) women, (c) pregnant women, (d) people about to drive?

0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 units of alcohol (standard drinks) per week

problem 5) Drugs which relieve pain are called …..A….. Readily available (i.e. non-prescription)

exs of these drugs are ….. B …...and …..C ….. Morphine and codeine, drugs which relieve severe pain, are called ….. D …... These drugs are prescribed with care because their use can lead to ….. E ….. and ….. F ….. 

problem  6) List four possible after-effects of solvent abuse (glue-sniffing).

problem 7) Classify the following under the headings 'Mental illness' and 'Mental handicap'.

clinical depression, Down’s syndrome, acute anxiety, claustrophobia, phenylketonuria

problem 8) Which component of the diet is thought to be largely responsible for causing tooth decay?

problem 9) What is the connection between this substance, mouth bacteria and tooth decay?

problem 10) Which one of the following is likely to be most effective in reducing dental decay?

(a) Eating crisp food, e.g. apples, after meals.

(b) Cutting down on sweets, biscuits etc. between meals.

(c) Cleaning the teeth after meals and at night.

(d) Using an antiseptic mouth wash.

problem 11)  What is plaque?

problem 12) From which part of the teeth is it particularly important to remove plaque.

problem 13) What gum conditions may result from a failure to remove plaque?

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