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1) a) describe the expression for capillary rise of water.

b) Determine the capillary effect in mm in a glass tube of 4 mm diameter, when immersed in

i) Water

ii) Mercury.

The temperature of liquid is 20°C and values of surface tension of water and mercury in contact with air are 0.0735 N/m and 0.51 N/m respectively.

2) Compute the total pressure and centre of pressure on an isosceles triangular plate of base 4 m and altitude 4 m when it is immersed vertically in an oil of 0.9. The base of the plate coincides with the free surface of oil.

3) What is meant by the venturimeter? Derive an expression for the discharge through a venturimeter.

4) An orifice meter with orifice diameter 10cm is inserted in a pipe of 20cm diameter. The pressure gauges fitted upstream and downstream of the orifice meter given readings of 19.62 N/cm2and 9.81 N/cm2 meter is 0.6. Determine the discharge of water through the pipe.

5)  The difference in water surface levels in 2 tanks, which are connected by 3 pipes in series of lengths 300m, 170m and 210m and of diameters 300mm, 200 and 400mm respectively is 12m. Determine the rate of flow of water if co-efficient of friction are 0.005, 0.0052 and 0.0048 respectively, considering minor energy losses and neglecting minor energy losses.

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