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Answer all the problems illustrated below:

problem A: Briefly describe the responsibilities or duties of radiographers which are carried for patients in the department.

problem B: What do you understand by the term sterilization and also name the methods of sterilization? Describe the two common methods which are used in the hospital.

problem C: Categorized the drugs which are used in the x-ray department. prepare their uses and storage.

problem D: How will you prepare a patient for following?

a) KUB x-ray of male patient.
b) Whole abdomen ultrasound.
c) CT Scan of Lower Abdomen with contrast.
d) Two year old child for chest x-ray.

problem E: Name the fundamental signs of body. Describe one of them briefly.

problem F:

a) Infectious patient in the department.
b) Management of patient and x-ray room for HSG exam.

problem G: prepare short notes on the given:

a) Safety of patient in x-ray department.
b) Hygiene in x-ray department.

problem H: prepare short notes on the following:

a) Radiographer's role in mobile radiography.
b) Emergency in Radiology

problem I: prepare short notes on the given:

a) Handling of patient having intravenous infusion of fluid and.
b) Tracheotomy Tube.

problem J: prepare short notes on the following:

a) Ten day rule.
b) Radiography of a pregnant woman.

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