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Section A-Descriptive problems

problem1) a) What do you understand by nutritional requirement? Briefly discuss the factors which are the determinants of our nutritional requirement.

b) Briefly describe the concept of dietary reference intakes (DRI).

problem2) a) Illustration the different components of energy expenditure.

b) “Different lifestyles have different levels of energy demands”. Elaborate on statement giving appropriate exs.

c) What is chronic energy deficiency? Briefly describe the consequences of chronic energy deficiency.

problem3) a) Briefly elaborate on potential health benefits of dietary fibre.

b) Briefly comment on the protein quality of Indian diet and describe the measures you will adopt for improvement of quality of protein in the diet.

c) Briefly comment on choice of cooking medium you will include in your diet, giving suitable justification.

problem4) a) Briefly describe one main function of the following vitamins in our diet:

• Vitamin (A)

• Vitamin (D)

• Thiamin

• Pyridoxine

• Folate

problem5) a) Briefly elaborate on factors affecting absorption of calcium and iron in the body.

b) Briefly describe the function of vitamin E and selenium in lipid peroxidation.

problem6) a) Describe the following and describe their health benefits:

• Prebiotic

• Polyphenol

• Phytoestrogens

b) Give dietary modifications you will recommend in diet of the elderly.

problem7) a) Briefly elaborate on physiological changes that contribution towards increased nutrient need during pregnancy.

b) Enumerate a few features that influence nutrient needs of adolescent.

problem8) a) Briefly discuss nutritional management of individuals during emergencies.

b) Summarize the energy allowances for sports person.

c) Give nutritional recommendation and type of food suitable for the space missions.

Section B-OTQ (Objective Type problems)

Describe in 2-3 sentences only:


i) Factorial estimation of total energy expenditure

ii) Safe requirement

iii) NPU

iv) Trans fatty acids

v) Water balance

vi) Vitamin K cycle

vii) Niacin Equivalent

viii) Hyponatremia

ix) Zinc fingers

x) Wilson’s disease

b) Give nutritional requirement (ICMR & FAO/WHO2004) for the following nutrients for on adult sedentary female.

(i) Vitamin (C)

(ii) Riboflavin

(iii) Vitamin B

(iv) Zinc (on a moderate bioavailability diet)

(v) Energy (during lactation)

c) prepare one ex for each of the following:

(i) Physiological charges during infancy

(ii) Problems of preschool nutrition

(iii) Techniques for measuring body composition

(iv) Gene impression process

(v) Method for assessment of iron status

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