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problem 1: What do you mean by the term balanced diet? List out the steps involved in preparing a balanced diet. Using such steps plan a balanced diet for a pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy belonging to low socio-economic group.                         
problem 2: Make any two nutritious snacks - one for a child attending an anganwadi and second for an elderly. Your answer should specify.

a) Name of the snack.
b) List of ingredients.
c) Method of preparation.
d) Food Sources contributing to the important nutrients required by the specific individuals.
e) Justify the selection of the snack (from nutritional standpoint) for the children and for the elderly.

problem 3: Define the given terms in just 2-3 sentences:

a) Standardized Recipe.
b) Work Schedule.
c) Adolescent growth spurt
d) Synergism
e) Food Poisoning

problem 4: Distinguish between the given sets of terms:

a) Enhancers and Inhibitors.
b) Essential and Non Essential Amino-Acids.
c) Xeropthalmia and Keratomalacia.
d) PUFA and Saturated Fat.
e) Food Law and Food Standards.

problem 5: List out the functioned and disorder(s) caused by the deficiency of the given nutrients or substance:                              

a) Niacin.
b) Folic acid.
c) Protein.
d) Riboflovin.
e) Vitamin D.

problem 6: List out any one significant point you would keep in mind while choosing:

a) Rice and Wheat.
b) Fruits.
c) Milk and milk product.
d) Meat and meat products.
e) Fats and Oils.

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